Knuckle boom cranes

Knuckle boom cranes are especially developed for use on different types of vessels. The crane appears similar to a standard offshore crane except that the boom mechanism articulates at the ‘knuckle’ near the middle so the crane is capable to control and lift the load in a more stable way, also during difficult conditions.

Knuckle boom cranes has become very common on offshore vessels as less of the deck space is blocked by the crane

The Kenz knuckle boom crane is easy to customize in order to fit client requirements. As opposed to its contemporaries, our design has the main hoist rope running underneath the knuckle. With its “easy to re-reeve” main boom lift, the hoist rope can be placed over the main boom to handle taller and heavier loads. In addition to this, the main hoist winch can be placed below the deck (also at a later stage) which facilitates deeper operations and better vessel stability.

  • Boom length 18m to 45m
  • Maximum capacity 250t
  • Supplied in accordance with all international standards
  • Certified by all recognized authorities

The Kenz Figee Group combines almost 200 years of experience in the design, production and maintenance of offshore- and harbour cranes

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Watch the video below to see a knuckle boom crane at Kenz premises in Zaandam, Amsterdam Area (the Netherlands)

Knuckle boom order for Kenz Cranes

Kenz Cranes will take care of the design and production of two knuckle boom cranes for Heerema Marine Contractors. These cranes will be replacement cranes for the current knuckle boom cranes on the deepwater construction vessel Aegir. One of the cranes will be designed with following specifications:

  • 200t active heave compensated knuckle boom crane
  • Suitable for 3300 meter water depth
  • Outreach of 50 meter

The other knuckle boom will be a 50t crane with an outreach of 42 mtr.

Maintenance and support

Kenz cranes will be delivered in accordance with international quality standards and guidelines as set forth by authorities like ABS, DNV and Lloyd’s Register.

As such, every piece of equipment will be thoroughly tested in compliance with the latest requirements at our facility in Zaandam. That’s one of the reasons why Kenz cranes are world renowned for their durability and quality.

Besides the extensive quality inspection, Kenz knuckle boom cranes can be fully supported by our service department. We can provide a broad portfolio of after-sales services like regular maintenance, upgrades, refurbishment or spare parts. Kenz Crane Services, as part of Kenz Figee Group can ensure prompt worldwide service, both on- and offshore.


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