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Wind Energy Hamburg 2020

Meet the KenzFigee team at Wind Energy Hamburg 2020, Germany

Dates: 22-25 September 2020
: B2.EG
: 332
Venue: Hamburg Messe, St. Petersburgerstrasse 1, Hamburg / Germany

Wind Energy Hamburg Exhibition & Conference information:

The world´s leading expo for windenergy opens ist doors 22-25 September 2020. Every 2 years the global industry meeting takes place in wind capital Hamburg.
4 Days – 1 Place – the whole world of Windindustry with 35,000 visitors and 1,400 exhibitors.
Check the website for more information:

KenzFigee hopes to meet you in Hamburg!


Wind Energy Hamburg 2020
Joint effort of MeeMaken companies pays off

Blue Offshore and KenzFigee work together on the design and fabrication of a tensioner for Boskalis’ crane vessel ‘GIANT 7’ Blue Offshore and KenzFigee, both companies of the MeeMaken Group, h...

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The 'Eagle' has landed at KenzFigee

This morning, 30 August 2019, the 1997-built Figee Lemniscate crane 'Adelaar' (Eagle), with a capacity of SWL 36t, has arrived at the quayside of KenzFigee in Zaandam. After more than 22 years of ext...

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A1 Offshore Solutions ApS and KenzFigee teamed up

A1 OFFSHORE SOLUTIONS ApS AND KENZFIGEE TEAMED UP to offer a safe and reliable ready to use Walk-to-Work (W2W) offshore solution A1 Offshore Solutions ApS in Denmark, a renowned provider of offshore ...

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